About US


SCALPEL SAS is a company dedicated to the commercialization and distribution of specialized equipment for the health sector and raw materials for the petrochemical sector in general, with a presence in Latin America. We seek to establish strategic alliances with our partners and all our clients, in turn we invest in technology and human talent in order to guarantee optimum levels of service and quality, throughout the supply chain.

We will seek to be a sustainable company over time, with reasonable levels of profitability, for the benefit of employees and shareholders.



By 2025, we want to remain being recognized as an excellent alternative in raw material supply for the petrochemical sector, including the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries, same as for refrigeration, freezing, cold chain and fluid heating equipment for the health sector. Our philosophy will always be based on five fundamental pillars / values: Honesty, Respect, Versatility, Teamwork and Adaptability.



Based on our five fundamental pillars, we will do our best human and technological effort, to generate recognition from our represented and mainly from our clients. We will deliver on time equipment and raw material of optimum quality, to meet the requirements of our customers and support their development and business growth. We offer competitive prices in the target market, we will have qualified and highly competitive human talent, which through continuous education, allows them to advise and offer the best possible service.

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